Perfect Party Pack


This combination pack offers 3 popular products from our range which, if purchased separately would cost R800  –  a Rockhopper 12can variety pack, a bottle of 500ml Da Rocca Pink Gin and a bottle of 500ml Jamrock Rum.

  • Rockhopper Hardseltzer. Spiked sparkling water that’s more colour, more flavour and more fun!  Low in calories. Low in Sugar. Gluten Free. 5% alcohol in a 300ml can served up in 4 refreshing flavours:  Mango/Black Cherry/LemonLime/Litchi.
  • Da Rocca Pink Gin delicately created to give you a sophisticated, refreshing and uniquely crafted classic London Dry gin
  • Jamrock Jamaican styled rum – full flavoured with a fruity richness. Slow brewed and triple pot distilled