Ginginger – 50ml (60 Pack)


Its all about fun, versatility and adventure!

Gin liqueurs, a hot new trend worldwide, are made with distilled gin and suffused with an exciting synergy of fruits or herbs. Ginginger is the first of its kind in South Africa. This feisty craft liqueur is pure indulgence and provides the perfect way to spice things up!

At 21% ABV, GinGinger is light and refreshing with a lower alcohol content than gin. It is available in attractive 500ml frosted bottles and 50ml miniatures.

Like the jester, GinGinger is the life and soul of the party. Fun, exciting and ‘out the box’, this liqueur bursts with flavour and an element of surprise. Embrace your adventurous side and try it.

6 Delicious flavours to choose from: Lemon | Cherry Plum | Rhubarb and Ginger | Pineapple and Honey | Rum and Raisin | Nut

Please select your case flavours below, mixed cases are allowed.

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